Why Us?​

"I am happy to say that Morgan helped us to find an ideal school for our daughter and she has been accepted!  What seemed so overwhelming just a few short weeks ago is now an exciting opportunity for our daughter.  Morgan provided personal, one-on-one advice and guidance during a very stressful time, and we could not be more grateful!  We highly recommend InSchoolbus, and look forward to working with them in the future!"

- Marianne, Mom, Newton, MA- Spring 2020

We Simplify the Complex, Co-Navigate the Journey, & Elevate Possibilities for Your Success

The US has the world’s highest ranked higher education system.  Studying in the US is a phenomenal stepping stone for ambitious students from around the world wanting to set themselves up for future success in global endeavors.  However, as the demand for US education grows globally, both earning coveted spots at the top US colleges, universities, and US private high schools as well as being at the top of your class at these schools is becoming more and more competitive. Additionally, although modern technology has dramatically increased the accessibility and amount of information and resources for students and parents, this overload of information is overwhelming and ironically often leads to more confusion and fear and less clarity and confidence.   As a result, students of all ages are under more pressure than ever before.  The stress associated with being a student in the US can take a deep toll on a student and can limit their ability to perform to their highest abilities.

How We Are Different

Our team has lived these academic journeys so we deeply understand them.  Through our personal achievements in academics, sports, and careers, we have developed an overall insight into this process which allows us to take the complex and make it simpler for the students we work with.  We each have over a decade of experience in guiding students from around the world on this journey as counselors, coaches, and/or teachers.  This, combined with our personal experiences, puts us in the unique position to co-navigate the school admissions process with our students.  Many aspects of school admissions can be stressful and emotionally and mentally draining.  We have particular strength in helping students arrive at their end goal in the most stress-free and efficient way possible.  Most importantly as we get to know our students better, we often help them discover new possibilities and options for themselves that were not evident at the beginning of the process.


Our Focus on Building Authentically Excellent Students

We have all heard the terms “likeability,” “authenticity,” “what makes you tick,” etc from school admissions directors and potential employers.  We know that these “soft” elements hold great value in the US system and can be the make or break over whether or not a candidate is accepted into a school or organization.  It is seemingly easy for someone in the role of judging applications to label someone as “likeable” or “not-likeable.”  However, what is NOT easy is training an individual to improve their likeability; build stronger character traits, self-confidence, and leadership skills; learn how to self-reflect and discover themselves and their passions; develop the ability to communicate their journey and their personal attributes; and help the student take the correct actions that will provide them with the skills, experiences, confidence, and world-view to stand-out.  This is where our team shines.   


There are many groups out there with expert knowledge on the application process including the concrete data, dates, deadlines, criteria, and the attributes stand-out students have. We found that in order to succeed in today’s competitive environment, students need this insight and expert knowledge on the admissions process.  However, this experience as serving as a judge must also be combined with the work of experienced coaches, teachers, and counselors to really help students acquire the skills, abilities, and traits they need to develop and display.  Therefore, our team is comprised of a combination of impressively credentialed teachers, coaches, counselors, and advisors who have each been actively working with individual students on a daily basis in their academic and personal growth for decades, with individuals with impressive admissions experience.  Many of us have worked with our students for 15-20+ years and helped them grow and develop into successful students, athletes, and leaders in different fields.  There are not many groups in the field who have this level of direct experience working with children, teens, and young adults and helping them navigate these transitional phases of their life.  

​Beyond the traditional nuts and bolts of counseling and strategic planning around the school application process, our team specializing in helping students discover and be able to communicate the deeper and more difficult elements of the process, including:


How have my life experiences shaped me thus far?


How do I discover who I want to be when I grow up?


How do I figure out who I am and what my core values are?


What experiences and activities can I take part in to broaden my perspectives and further develop my passions and interests?


How can I go through the rigorous application process while simultaneously balancing the high demands of my schoolwork and extracurricular activities?


How do I stand-out as an applicant?


How can I learn how to manage my time so that I can have fun and enjoy the application process and this exciting time in my life?


How do I figure out which schools are the best fit for me?


How can I get the important aspects of myself and my life across in just a few concise pages of an essay and a few short minutes in person during an interview?