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​Comprehensive College Prep, Strategic Planning, & Admissions Counseling 


​Comprehensive Independent School Prep, Strategic Planning, & Admissions Counseling 


  Counseling & Coaching for Specialty & Independent Academic Research Projects


​ Customized Boot Camps, Workshops, & Events for Students & Parents

InSchoolbus has developed a detailed offering of packages for students preparing to apply to schools that are customized to meet the needs of each student.  Although we primarily focus on college prep counseling and planning, we also provide counseling services for Boston-area independent school admissions as well as graduate schools in the US.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients acquire comprehensive skills to be exceptional stand-out students poised to both be positioned as the strongest candidates possible for their target schools and careers and succeed post-acceptance.  Our services are primarily purchased as customized packages that our team builds with each client.  For more information on packages, other offerings, and pricing, please contact: morgan@inschoolbus.com