Meet Our Leadership Team

​InSchoolbus is a US company led by an American team of high performing expert counselors and coaches who graduated from leading US universities, ivy leagues, and the top private high schools in the US and have gone on to become leaders in different fields.  Over the past 2 decades our team has worked with Outside the Box students in a wide variety of capacities: as teachers, counselors, employers, coaches, and advisors.  Unlike many traditional education consulting companies, our leadership is composed of a combination of highly successful business leaders, educators, coaches, athletes, military leaders, and counselors.  This unique team provides students with comprehensive expertise to help them navigate the admissions process, maximize their experience post-acceptance, and position them to become high performing individuals and future leaders post-graduation.  In addition to the Founding Leadership Team and Advisors listed below, InSchoolbus has assembled and continues to build a select elite team of accomplished specialty counselors for the benefit of our clients.  


Morgan Rowe Woolf

CEO & Head Counselor

Morgan is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University where she obtained a B.A. in Government & International Relations.  She is also a former US National Figure Skating medalist and member of the US Figure Skating Team.  Morgan has served as the Director of a US-based investment bank and international corporate strategy and development company, Shiboomi & Shiboomi Capital, as well as founder of multiple companies over the past 15 years. 


As a business woman specializing in strategic planning, Morgan has worked on projects and transactions with global business leaders, heads of state, and governments over the years.  However, she has a personal passion for developing excellence in children, teens, and young adults and helping them achieve their life goals.  She directed an internship program for Chinese college and graduate students seeking business experience in the US for 7 years.  In addition, Morgan has continued to stay involved in figure skating, and currently serves as the Head Coach of Harvard University's Club Figure Skating Team as well as a coach at the Elite Edge Skating Club in Wellesley MA.  In these different capacities, she has coached, mentored, and counseled hundreds of Outside the Box students over the years. 


Through her work as an educational consultant, she has focused on helping her students integrate their academic and extracurricular passions and talents to become stronger individuals and obtain life skills to help them become successful as they move on to study in universities, post-graduate studies, and begin their careers.   She inspires her students to discover their passions, push themselves to achieve excellence, and make the most of the opportunities they have available to them while simultaneously enjoying the process and journey.  She also uses her first-hand experience to help student athletes balance the rigorous demands of academics and their sport.


She has found that many teenage students from around the world struggle to: 1) maximize their potential beyond their academic and/or extracurricular achievements, 2) communicate their story and ambitions, and 3) elevate and differentiate themselves against the competition for US schools. Morgan founded InSchoolbus with an elite team of partners to provide a much needed solution to this problem.   In addition, she continually adds to InSchoolbus' team counselors, ambassadors, and advisers who embody the InSchoolbus brand for the benefit of InSchoolbus' clients.  

Morgan currently has served on the Board of Directors of US Figure Skating as well as numerous US Figure Skating committees (Strategic Planning, Finance, Marketing, & Singles) over the years.  She is also currently a Mentor and Judge at the MassChallenge, which is one of the world’s largest accelerators for early-stage companies. 


She is an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) which is the nation's largest and most recognized organization of independent educational consultants.  She also holds a Certificate in College Advising from Columbia University's Teacher's College.


Shelby Carvalho
Independent Research Projects  & Senior Counselor

Shelby has been working in international education for more than a decade. She is currently a Presidential Merit Scholar at Harvard University pursuing a PhD in Education.  She also currently teaches a number of classes at Harvard University as a teaching fellow including research methods, education, and microeconomics.  Shelby is currently the lead Research Methods Coach for the Harvard Kennedy School, supporting more than 200 Public Policy masters students in designing and conducting thesis research.  She is an associate member and visiting scholar of Cambridge University’s (UK) Research for Equitable Access & Learning (REAL) Centre where she is part of the RISE Ethiopia project.  She previously completed a Fulbright grant, worked for the World Bank as a Research Consultant in both Africa and Washington DC, and has and continues to consult for various governments as well as the UN Education Commission, USAID, and UNICEF on issues related to education.


Shelby previously taught at the University of Texas where she also worked in college admissions as well as reviewed scholarship applications..  She also taught high school World History and Social Studies at Texas Cans Academies.  


Over the years, through these experiences, Shelby has worked with students in diverse contexts including in North America, sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central America.  Her diverse experiences in the field of education range from teaching in a drop-out recovery high school in Dallas, Texas to working with national governments on education policy in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa, to partnering with world leaders on global education reform efforts. Her current personal research focuses on the political economy of education in developing country contexts, international aid to education, refugee education & employment, and school-to-work transitions with a focus on gender.


Shelby is a Fulbright & WorldTeach alumna and a graduate of UT Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs Master of Global Policy program where her Master’s thesis on the effectiveness of international aid to the education sector earned distinction as outstanding graduate research.  She also holds a BA in Humanities and Government with a minor in African Studies from UT Austin.  As a first generation college student herself and a former competitive figure skater with a deep and unique passion for international education and developing countries, Shelby is the embodiment of an Outside the Box student.  Education has played an important role in Shelby's trajectory and she is passionate about helping young people around the world access the best possible education opportunities.


Shelby is excited to bring her vast and valuable knowledge and experience in international education to InSchoolbus to help positively impact and educate students from around the world.


Jenn Welch

Private School & International Admissions Specialist

& Senior Counselor

Jenn has served as the Associate Director of Admissions and Director of International Programs at Thayer Academy, one of the most prestigious private high schools in the Boston area, since 2010.  She oversees international student enrollment, from the application process and host family management, to supporting the international students and their families during their time studying in the US.  


Previously, Jenn was an admissions associate at The Steppingstone Foundation, working with students and families in the greater Boston area.  She has also worked as a national diversity trainer at Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society and has taught in the Boston Public Schools and as an AmeriCorps volunteer.  As a student herself, Jenn attended the prestigious Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut and the University of Vermont.  Jenn was a competitive figure skater growing up and went on to become a stand-out member of the women's ice hockey teams at both the Loomis Chaffee School and the University of Vermont. She continued with her love of hockey by serving as the coach of the Thayer Academy girls hockey team for 4 years.

Over the past 15 years, she has been committed to helping young people in their quest for educational success.   Her tremendous experience in the details of specifically helping international students navigate the personal and academic struggles of studying in the US and living so far from home is invaluable to InSchoolbus' clients. 

As a founding member of InSchoolbus, Jenn uses her vast experience over the years working with international middle school, high school, and college students across all stages of the US school system to assist InSchoolbus in the development, planning, and execution of our student programs and experiences.   In addition, Jenn has close and direct relationships with the majority of private schools and universities in the New England area. 

Alice’s ten-year journey as a Chinese student studying abroad in the US started with attending The Stony Brook School, one of the leading private high schools in the US and ended when she received a Masters Degree in Business Management Studies from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.


To pursue her passion in the business world, she chose to study at Babson College for undergraduate, a leading liberal arts school located in the Boston area that has ranked No.1 for Entrepreneurship for 25 consecutive years.  In her sophomore year at Babson, Alice joined Shiboomi’s internship training program and spent 3 years developing her skills, communication style, and leadership abilities to be able to effectively conduct business between the US and China.  After graduating from Babson, Alice continued working with Shiboomi on a multitude of projects.  During this time, she had the opportunity to further develop her leadership and analytical skills through several cross border transactions between US and Chinese companies.

Alice currently serves at Ping An Securities as an Investment Banking Analyst in Beijing. She also serves on the Executive Board of Duke China Alumni Club. With all these years’ multicultural education and working experiences, Alice has developed a deep understanding of the US system and educational culture.

As a founding member of InSchoolbus, Alice hopes that her valuable experience will help more Chinese and international students excel in the US system and get the most out of the experience of studying in the US.  As Alice is fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese and located on the ground in China, she serves as the liaison for international students from China as well as in program development, marketing, and client relations within China.  Alice also serves as a senior counselor/mentor for InSchoolbus and a brand ambassador of the company having gone through all levels of the US education system as an international high school, college, and graduate student in the US herself.


Alice Wang
International Student Ambassador & Senior Counselor


Nancy Fidel

Education & Curriculum Specialist & Non-Profit Project Work Counselor

Nancy holds an M.A. in Education and has over 10 years of experience in the field.  She was an Outside the Box student herself- although a US citizen herself, her parents had immigrated to the US just prior to her birth.  Given this, Nancy was brought up in a non-English speaking household with parents who had no knowledge of the highly nuanced US school system.  Therefore, Nancy has firsthand experience of being a first generation student in the US balancing being brought up by immigrant parents while identifying herself as an American.  Nancy was the first in her family to attend college in the US and receive a college degree.  She then took it a step further when she received a masters degree in education. 


Besides teaching, Nancy has also served as an Executive Assistant at Shiboomi and where she worked directly on Shiboomi’s international programs & projects. Nancy greatly enjoyed her business travels around the world where she was fortunate to have worked on projects with business leaders and heads of state from many countries and cultures over the years.    She brings this passion and enthusiasm for international relations along with her training and experience in both teaching and corporate administration to InSchoolbus.  Nancy is fluent in Spanish and has vast experience in teaching and counseling Hispanic clients.  


As a founding member of InSchoolbus, Nancy helps develop and continually enhance the InSchoolbus program, curriculum, and events as well as the training program for our ambassadors, mentors, and counselors.  She also helps support the InSchoolbus executive staff and helps organize InSchoolbus special events. 

Our Advisors


Michael Benedetto

International Development, Global Initiatives, & Corporate Advisor

Mr. Benedetto leads Skanska’s global consulting group that works across all of Skanska’s sectors introducing and implementing new technologies, strategies, and ideas to advance these industries.  The group is active in both private and public sectors, and serves several sectors including higher education, advanced technology, healthcare, infrastructure, transportation, energy, biofuels, aerospace, and life sciences. Skanska is a world leading project development and construction Fortune 500 company that is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and is one of the world's most reputable, financially strong, and green providers of construction, infrastructure development, and project management services.  Skanska has been recognized as the Number 1 Green Builder in the US and is the fifth largest construction company in the world.  The company’s primary mission is building for a better society.  

Mr. Benedetto has worked with Skanska for over 2 decades where he specializes in project development, advanced technology implementation, building and leading high-performing, multi-national teams, and providing guidance and strategic planning to local, national, and global clients.  He primarily concentrates on projects that help solve complex problems and make a positive contribution to society.  Over the years, he has worked on a variety of complex projects with a multitude of leading US education institutions including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Duke, Williams College, and the University of Massachusetts.  He also helped design a CEU program for Yale University. 

Mr. Benedetto has worked on numerous special projects over the years with global leaders.  He currently sits on the Advisory Board of the UN Global Sourcing Council, teaches a Healthcare Operations class at MIT Sloan, and has served as a guest lecturer and speaker at leading global institutions around the world.  Over the past 3 years, Mr. Benedetto helped lead the development, building, and technology integration for the University of Global Health Equity, a combination medical school and hospital in Rwanda that officially opened in February 2019.  In this capacity, Mr. Benedetto has worked directly with the Presidents of Harvard, Stanford, Tufts, and Partners Healthcare.   He has also worked directly with the Chairman of one of the world’s leading financial institutions to help develop disruptive business models and methods in various target sectors, and was appointed by the current Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, to be an Advisory Committee Member of his transition team.  Mr. Benedetto is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s High Potential Leadership Program.

Mr. Benedetto has worked with many of InSchoolbus’ founders in various initiatives around the world over the past decade.  As an Advisory Board member of InSchoolbus, Mr. Benedetto brings his vast and impressive experience in international program and project development, international education, and global business affairs to provide global access and real-world connections to InSchoolbus’ programs and students.  

Al Davis Pic.JPG

Allen Davis

University Partnerships & Career Counseling Advisor

Mr. Davis is a seasoned and accomplished businessman with over 35 years of executive level leadership experience in finance at Fortune 500 companies, early-stage companies, and in building and selling his own companies in various sectors.  He currently serves as an Executive-In-Residence at Brandeis University’s International Business School where he utilizes the valuable experience he has gained over the years to provide first and second year MS Finance/MBA students academic guidance, career counseling, and employment assistance.  Additionally, Mr. Davis serves as a faculty advisor to the Brandeis University’s International Business School Field Project Program where he helps Brandeis students find internships, works with early stage and middle market technology-based companies to develop internship project opportunities for Brandeis’ students from around the world, forms student project teams for these opportunities, and provides project oversight. 

Over the years, Mr. Davis founded two outsourced CFO consulting firms, Mentor CFO and the Brighton Company; served as SVP, CFO, and Treasurer for Ennovate Networks; Vice President of Operations, CFO and Treasurer of Thinq Learning Solutions; EVP and CFO for Shape Global Technology Inc.; and held officer and director level positions at Kao Infosystems, Medisense, Nova Biomedical, Apollo Computer, and Data General.  Mr. Davis is passionate about charitable causes and helping those in need and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of the Executive and Finance Committees for the Price Center, a greater Boston area non-profit agency serving the needs of the physically and mentally disabled.

Mr. Davis earned his MBA from Babson College; holds a BSc in Accounting from Bentley University with honors; and is a graduate of Harvard Business School's PMD program.  Through his position at Brandeis University as well as his other experience over the years, Mr. Davis has developed relationships with most of the universities in the greater Boston area.  As a member of InSchoolbus’ Advisory Board, Mr. Davis is helping the company develop partnerships and collaborations with universities in the greater Boston area so that InSchoolbus can provide support services for each university’s international student population. 

Tom Casual.jpg

Tom Fidel

Leadership Specialist & Corporate Advisor

Mr. Fidel holds an M.A. in Organizational Leadership.  He is the Founder & CEO of Fidel Leadership Consulting, and has been advising, training, and counseling CEOs, celebrities, corporate executives, and high performance individuals through leadership challenges for the past 2 decades.   He also organizes and lectures at leadership seminars and conferences across the US for corporations, institutions, and high performance individuals. 

Mr. Fidel is also a Founder and the President of Shiboomi where he heads Shiboomi’s strategic initiatives as well as the company’s leadership training practice.  At the corporate and organization level, he focuses on developing leadership and management strategies and strengthening and maximizing efficiencies in each company's team, team dynamics, and internal elements to support growth and expansion and guide companies through transitions.  At the individual level, Mr. Fidel specializes in helping high performance individuals cultivate personal insight and strength to achieve their goals.

As a founding member of InSchoolbus, Mr. Fidel helps create the company’s leadership program, high performance and leadership elements of the InSchoolbus curriculum, and programs to optimize individual potential.  Mr. Fidel also provides specialized leadership and high performance lectures at InSchoolbus events and conferences and reviews and oversees each InSchoolbus students’ leadership and insight development.

Mr. Fidel has held numerous Board positions over the years for both US and international companies and is a Board Member of InSchoolbus.


Joe Berkowitz

Business Operations, Performance, & Business Development Advisor

Mr. Berkowitz has served as a Certified Business Performance Advisor at Insperity for the past 14 years.  Insperity (NYSE: NSP), a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 25 years, provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. The company’s mission is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. Insperity, with revenue exceeding $3 billion, operates in more than 55 locations throughout the United States, serving more than 100,000 businesses.

Mr. Berkowitz has an entrepreneurial spirit with a proven track record of 20+ years experience in growing revenue in fast-paced, competitive markets. He is experienced in budget development, profit and loss analysis, cost control, business optimization and efficiency, human resources, hiring, and training.


As a founding member of InSchoolbus, Mr. Berkowitz brings his vast experience to serve as an operational expert overseeing the development of the company’s operational systems, HR, budgeting, and profit optimization strategies and systems.  Mr. Berkowitz has extensive experience in the US HR and hiring process and career prep pathway.  He also focuses on US business development, relationships with US schools, organizations, institutions, and partners on behalf of InSchoolbus.

Our Impact Partners


American Ballers in a non-profit organization created with the purpose of working with, and motivating at risk youth in communities throughout the United States, while using basketball as a tool for personal growth. The organization works in partnership with various nonprofits, NBA organizations, and Legends in holding free basketball clinics, and educational workshops. American Ballers not only gives youth of all backgrounds the opportunity to interact with positive role models in the community, but also gives NBA players and organizations the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of aspiring athletes across the nation.

InSchoolbus has partnered with American Ballers to offer pro-bono college prep packages to select deserving student-athletes at American Ballers clinics throughout the US.  


Fair Opportunity Project is a nonprofit organization started by a team of Harvard students for students with the mission of empowering students to access and afford college.  The organization provides mentorship and some of the best and most up-to-date college application resources to students across America.  InSchoolbus collaborates with the Fair Opportunity Project to combine our offerings to best serve students participating in our partner non-profit sports organizations.

Initial Winners.JPG
All Star Clinic 2020.jpg

Our Strategic Partners


InTeahouse is an investment company that was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur, Xin Liu, connecting US and European companies to investors, partners, and manufacturers in China.  InTeahouse helps investors and entrepreneurs communicate, network, and do business more effectively, easily, and quickly. 


The Company helps ensure that western companies can work across cultural boundaries with verified contacts to maximize investment potential.  InTeahouse is rooted in the belief that there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction in establishing powerful human connections and deepening trust.

As a partner of InSchoolbus, InTeahouse is in an unusual position to assist InSchoolbus’ sales and marketing efforts within China as well as promote the company’s brand and reputation to strong leaders in the Chinese community. 

Shiboomi Logo 2015.jpg

Shiboomi is US international strategy consulting, business development, & corporate development consulting firm that was founded in 2003.  Shiboomi was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs whose mission is to offer comprehensive services to help companies and organizations navigate critical points in their development cycles.  In this capacity, Shiboomi specializes in the creation and execution of strategic growth opportunities including developing and executing strategic partnerships and market penetration and expansion programs, new market strategies, international expansion, and other business development programs for its clients.  Shiboomi also specializes in leadership consulting, training, & strategy development at times of corporate change, transition, and/or crisis. 

Over the past 17 years, Shiboomi has helped build, develop, and/or support the growth of hundreds of companies and projects in 6 continents around the world.  Through this vast work, the company has built a strong network of leaders across the US, Europe, South America, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.  In addition, given the rapid rise of China developing into a global leader in the world economy over the past decade, Shiboomi built a team of partners in China.  Shiboomi’s China program has been helping US and Chinese companies conduct cross-border partnerships for the past 7 years. 

As a partner of InSchoolbus, Shiboomi can help support the companies corporate growth and development as well as help build strong strategic partnerships and alliances with corporations and institutions in the US and globally.