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2 Important Tips from InSchoolbus: 1) Do NOT Procrastinate 2) Being Accepted is NOT the End Game- It is Just the Beginning of the Journey!

1) Don’t Procrastinate!  In order for students to really build the skills and abilities within themselves that are needed to be accepted into top schools, it takes months and even years of training and preparation.   The exposure of the recent horrific college admissions scam in the US should show parents that there are no tricks or short-cuts to getting into US schools.  Getting into top schools takes years of good, old-fashioned hard work and self-motivation and passion on behalf of the student!  This is why you should not procrastinate- the earlier the appropriate training and preparation is started, the more effective it will be!  2) Being Accepted is Not the End Game- It is Just the Beginning of the Journey!  Scams like this recent US admissions scandal are disgraceful on many levels. When done correctly, the college application preparation (and private high school application preparation) period is a very special time in a student’s life- a time when students learn a lot about themselves, have the opportunity to receive training that will help them throughout their lives, and results in the students maturing into stronger and more confident individuals.  The students who were caught up in this US admissions scam were sadly stripped of this opportunity for personal growth. The InSchoolbus team is passionate about our work because we know that the training we provide students will help them throughout the entire course of their lives.  Our focus is on helping students actually develop the skills and building blocks that will provide them with the opportunity to not only be the strongest candidates as possible for their targeted best fit schools, but also to thrive once they are admitted into schools and throughout the future legs of their journeys (graduate schools, careers, etc). 


Many students (no matter how strong their parents’ desire may be) are not a fit for top schools going into freshman year of high school or college undergrad.  However, that is not a failure.  There are hundreds of other amazing high schools, colleges, and universities throughout the US that if a student can really thrive and excel at, can be fabulous stepping stones for Ivy League and other leading colleges, graduate schools, masters programs, as well as for top jobs at global companies around the world.  Being admitted is not the end-goal it is the starting line!  Once admitted into a high school, college, or graduate schoool, this is when the student’s work really begins!

InSchoolbus- Why We Are Different: Authenticity

It is not well known within China, but as the number of applications to US universities from Chinese students increases along with the number of traditional agencies to help these students, US universities are beginning to question the authenticity of many applicants.  In the US this is being called “gaming the system.”  This gaming is becoming a focal point for admissions departments throughout the US.  InSchoolbus was created to counter this activity of many Chinese agencies and to build authentic candidates that will pass the new level of university scrutiny currently in place.  Many Chinese agencies are doing a disservice to their clients.  They believe the gaming is giving students an advantage but it is now actually hurting their clients.   We seek to find the authenticity within each student which is what US universities value.  This is just one aspect of how InSchoolbus is different than our competition and creates great value for our clients.


InSchoolbus- Valuable Personal Statement Advice from our Writing Specialist & Co-Founder, Anita D

Your college essay, also referred to as the “personal statement,” is the best place for you to show your authenticity in your applications.  It is your opportunity to peel back the curtain of your test scores and transcript to show the admissions officers who you really are. It’s not the space to brag about your accomplishments or awards—those will be listed on your resume.  Rather, it’s a space to show some humility, humor, personality, and feelings. You can write about any topic of your choice, and it doesn’t have to be about anything academic. In fact, the most memorable essays have nothing to do with school.  Successful essays have been written about a cross-country train ride, a powerful acting experience, a summer job at a coffee shop, a brother-sister relationship, and even a talented hamburger chef. The goal of the essay is simple: to show something about yourself that the admissions committee wouldn’t know from reading the rest of the application.  So have fun with it. Write from your heart. Use your own voice. Be authentic.