​Educational Counseling & Planning for Outside the Box Students

We Simplify the Complex, Co-Navigate the Journey, & Elevate Possibilities for Your Success



InSchoolbus, Inc is an education counseling, training, and planning company with the mission of helping outside the box students successfully navigate and thrive in the US education system at the highest levels as well as be better equipped for success post-acceptance.  Our team offers customized counseling, planning, and coaching for US college admissions as well as Boston-area independent school applications.  Our team specializes in helping students best position themselves for success, discover and develop their academic and extracurricular interests, and find unique enrichment programs and projects to explore their interests and talents and give them an academic edge. 


Why Choose InSchoolbus?

Our team has lived these academic journeys so we deeply understand them.  Through our personal achievements in academics, sports, and careers, we have developed an overall insight into this process which allows us to take the complex and make it simpler for the students we work with.  We each have over a decade of experience in guiding students from around the world on this journey as counselors, coaches, and/or teachers.  This, combined with our personal experiences, puts us in the unique position to co-navigate the school admissions process with our students.  Many aspects of school admissions can be stressful and emotionally and mentally draining.  We have particular strength in helping students arrive at their end goal in the most stress-free and efficient way possible.  Most importantly, as we get to know our students better, we often help them discover new possibilities and options for themselves that were not evident at the beginning of the process.

Our Team

InSchoolbus is a US company led by an American team comprised of an accomplished group of counselors who have achieved academic excellence while also attaining high levels accomplishments in sports and other elements of life.   Our founder and CEO is a Harvard graduate and Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).  During her high school years she balanced the demands of being a top student while simultaneously competing around the world in the sport of figure skating as a member of Team USA Figure Skating.  In creating InSchoolbus, she brought in a group of co-founders and counselors with similar unique and diverse backgrounds and talents who also graduated from ivy league and other leading US universities and/or top independent schools in the US and have gone on to become leaders in different fields.  The result is a team with the experience and skill-sets needed to help outside the box students make the most of their unique backgrounds and be poised for success. We help students acquire comprehensive skills to be exceptional stand-out students positioned as the strongest candidates possible for their target schools as well as prepared for future success.  More on Our Team

 We Specialize in College Prep & Planning & Independent School Planning for: 

Student Athletes & Elite Athletes 

Driven student athletes of team or individual sports, elite athletes, students engaged at a high level in individual or unique sports or activities who have to balance demanding athletic and academic schedules and pressures.

​International Students

​International Students who are either currently studying in the US or are still in their home country but are seeking to attend a US school as a full-time student. This also includes US students whose parents came to the US from another country and may be limited in their firsthand knowledge of the US education system and its rigorous demands.

​Other "Outside the Box" Students 

Students with unique interests, backgrounds, talents, or circumstances; students with distinctive accomplishments, passions, and/or ambitions; and students who excel at individual activities and want to best nurture their talents and become the strongest applicants possible.

Our Impact Partners
InSchoolbus is proud to serve a broader community of rising student athletes throughout the US in collaboration with our impact partners.  Your support of InSchoolbus helps contribute to these efforts.