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InSchoolbus, Inc is an education consulting, training, and planning company with the mission of helping outside the box students successfully navigate and thrive in the US education system at the highest levels as well as prepare for options post-graduation.  The US has the world’s highest ranked higher education system.  Studying in the US is a phenomenal stepping stone for ambitious students from around the world wanting to set themselves up for future success in global endeavors.  However, as the demand for US education grows globally, both earning coveted spots at the top US colleges, universities, and US private high schools as well as being at the top of your class at these schools is becoming more and more competitive. Additionally, although modern technology has dramatically increased the accessibility and amount of information and resources for students and parents, this overload of information is overwhelming and ironically often leads to more confusion and fear and less clarity and confidence.   As a result, students of all ages are under more pressure than ever before.  The stress associated with being a student in the US can take a deep toll on a student and can limit their ability to perform to their highest abilities.


InSchoolbus offers private and small group counseling and specialized training and planning sessions and packages for outside the box students of all ages.  This includes comprehensive strategic planning, preparation and time management coaching, and specialized training around school applications, academic planning, academic-life-extracurricular balance, and career prep.  InSchoolbus has developed a detailed offering of packages for students preparing to apply to US private junior high, high school, college, and graduate schools as well as for students wanting to transfer to new schools in the US that are customized for each individual student.  Additionally, the Company offers additional customized counseling and training as well as specialized and customized boot camps and events.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients acquire comprehensive skills to be exceptional stand-out students poised to both be positioned as the strongest candidates possible for their target schools and careers and succeed post-acceptance. 


InSchoolbus is a US company led by an American team comprised of an accomplished group of outside the box individuals who have achieved academic excellence while also attaining high levels accomplishments in different elements of life.   Our founder and CEO is a Harvard graduate and during her high school years she balanced the demands of being a top student while simultaneously competing around the world in the sport of figure skating as a member of the US Figure Skating Team.  In creating InSchoolbus, she brought in a group of fellow outside the box co-founders and counselors with unique and diverse backgrounds and talents who also graduated from ivy league and other leading US universities and/or top private high schools in the US and have gone on to become leaders in different fields.  The goal was to build a team that represents the broad base of knowledge and first hand expertise needed to comprehensively help outside the box students make the most of their unique backgrounds and position them for future success.  This allows InSchoolbus to not only provide comprehensive guidance and advice to students on what schools and companies are looking for from candidates but more importantly to also train, teach, and coach students in the different skills and traits they need to develop and enhance to actually become stronger candidates.  This is where our team goes far beyond our competitors.  This is also why we specialize in outside the box students who are seeking specialized training and are motivated to maximize their individual potential.


Our founders and leadership team are proud to be graduates of some of the leading universities  including:


 We Specialize in "Outside the Box" Students, Including: 

​International Students

​International Students who are either currently studying in the US or are still in their home country but are seeking to attend a US school as a full-time student. This also includes US students whose parents came to the US from another country and may be limited in their firsthand knowledge of the US education system and its rigorous demands.

​Other "Outside the Box" Students

​Other “Outside the Box Students” including students engaged at a high level in individual or unique sports or activities; driven student athletes of individual or team sports; students with unique interests, backgrounds, talents, or circumstances; and students with distinctive accomplishments, passions, and/or ambitions. 

​Outside the Box Students of All Ages

​InSchoolbus works with Outside the Box students at all stages of their academic journey ranging from students preparing to enter junior high school through graduate school students preparing for the workforce. 


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